November 18, 2008

C is for...

Chocolate Cake,
Chocolate Covered Cherries,
Chocolate Curls,
Cherry Chunks,
& Chocolate Custard!


kirk and carrie said...


...and twice as good as it looked.

Whit and Steve said...

YUM!!! I WANT SOME!! Was that for Ally's birthday?

Hetrick family said...

Thank you for posting such an amazing cake for this pregnant woman to look at, and KNOW that I cannot have. I appreciate it.

The Mills Family said...

Hey girls... have you seen the blog It is a killer. If you haven't, you'll have a great laugh. You'll never have to worry about seeing one of your cakes on there. You both do beautiful work! I have been doing some wedding planning and will keep you in mind.

Take care!

TheReddyFamily said...

Yummmmm....I'll take 2 pieces!!
That's my kind of cake :)